The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Mokshika Sharma

The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Mokshika Sharma

In this episode, I chat with Mokshika Sharma about her journey as an entrepreneur. We discuss the truth about entrepreneurship and how it’s not always a fairytale full of flowers and sunshine. We talk about the hard decisions and tough calls that sometimes need to be made.

As an entrepreneur who has started 2 companies (Tastegraphy and Full Fridge) and is now on her 3rd launch, Mokshika has learned a great deal about what it takes to run a business. She shares her insights and knowledge with us — without sugarcoating it one bit.

We also chat about failure. Failure is one of the worst “F” words that most people can imagine. It sounds horrifying and devastating… which is true at times (Mokshika mentions this when she talks about closing her second company, Full Fridge), however, failure is really just a pitstop along the journey to success. Mokshika will cover what you need to be resilient and bounce back from so-called “failures” along the way.

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The Truth About Entrepreneurship with Mokshika Sharma

Question Highlights:

  • What does it REALLY take to run a business
  • Why is it worth it?
  • Who is this life for? What kind of person?
  • What were some of the hard lessons you learned as an entrepreneur?
  • What is it like to shut down a company?
  • What does it take to maintain resilience?
  • What is driving you now as you embark on your new business, Sigma Lion?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The hard truth about entrepreneurship
  • Heuristics and thought processes that will help you get through the tough times
  • Why entrepreneurship is worth it
  • Why failure is just a step along the journey to success



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