3 Steps to Crushing Your Fear Gremlins

Fear is a natural human instinct that has protected our species since day one, but in this modern age, fear cripples us more than protects us. No matter what transition we are trying to make in work, life and love we seem to be unable to shake our ‘fear gremlins’. They linger in the back of our mind, reminding us that we can’t and shouldn’t take risks or change our routine.

As freelancers and entrepreneurs, once we start to feel our ‘fear gremlins’ waking up,  we are faced with two options – fight or flight. We can either crawl into bed and hide from our fears OR we can live Beyond the Status Quo, address our anxieties, find solutions and level up!

In today’s episode, I break down my tried and true 3 -step process to combating your ‘fear gremlins’. This exercise will encourage you to acknowledge your fears in a safe, low-pressure environment so that you can understand what triggers your anxiety and why. This has helped me tremendously as I was creating and promoting my 6-Figure Freelance Roadmap.  I was able to put my fears aside and deliver a helpful course to those in need of some freelance guidance. 

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • How to acknowledge your fears
  • Defeat your ‘fear gremlins’
  • Breakthrough your anxiety
  • New tools to help you level up

Head to the website to listen to episode 3-Steps to Crushing Your Fear Gremlins or click here to listen now.


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