How to Have Less Meetings (and Get More Done)

Are meetings controlling your weeks and overriding your productivity? I found that between client calls, team meetings and business development coffee talks I had little time to get my actual work done. On today’s episode, I share with you my recommended tips for having fewer meetings and getting more done.

Don’t get me wrong, I love meetings with my clients and team. I look forward to building, developing and nurturing our relationship as our projects advance. But somewhere down the line, I recognized that I wasn’t nearly as productive as I should be. When I took a look at my schedule for the weeks ahead, I notice that my calendar was prefilled with scheduled meetings upon meetings…upon meetings. I needed to find a way to continue communication while protecting my time.

This episode is great for freelancer and entrepreneurs who need to regain ownership of their calendar and are looking for tips and tools to help them do so.

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How to Have Less Meetings (and Get More Done)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to assess and prepare your meeting schedule for the week ahead
  • The benefits of a meeting agendas
  • My recommended tools to help you manage your time and calendar


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