Embracing the Consulting Hustle and Living Inside the Happiness Margin with Alexandria Hart

Hey friends! I’m thrilled to bring you episode #2 of the Beyond the Status Quo Podcast! You can head to the webpage and listen or subscribe on iTunes / Stitcher. In this episode, I interview my lovely, brilliant, amazing friend Alexandria Hart. This lady is not only a beautiful soul, but she is also a marketing powerhouse. She has been running Good Joo Joo, her marketing firm, for about 1.5 years now and she is on fire. Alex has worked with several big brands and helped them crack the code when it comes to customer acquisition. She also has an ultra talented team who is complete remote – how cool is that?! Alex has designed a business and lifestyle that most people only dream of… I mean…. She LIVES in Tulum, Mexico about 25% of the year…

Embracing the Consulting Hustle and Living Inside the Happiness Margin with Alexandria Hart

We talk all about how she went from working as a paralegal to becoming a world class marketer and then a successful entrepreneur. Alex goes into detail on how the bumps in her journey helped her end up with a lifestyle better than she could ever imagine.

Alex lives her life by the theory of the Happiness Margin. She explains what the happiness margin is and encourages BSQ listeners to consider how they can live inside the happiness margin. We also discuss how the happiness margin and the concept of delayed gratification can reside in your life harmoniously.

Question Highlights:

  • How you started in one field and then switched to another
  • What drove you to make the switch?
  • What did other people say about your switch?
  • What were you most scared / concerned about as you were making the switch?
  • And then you made a switch AGAIN! To starting your own consulting biz… how did that happen? What drove you to do that?
  • Did you make $$ right away? How did you pay the bills?
  • What keeps you up at night when it comes to GJJ?
  • What is the happiness margin? What does it mean to you?
  • How do you apply the HM in your biz?
  • How does the happiness margin apply to GJJ?
  • How does someone know if they are NOT living in the HM?
  • So we have been talking about the HM in the context of the business…what about someone who isn’t running a business right now, how can they apply the Happiness Margin?
  • When it comes to living beyond the status quo, what is the #1 most important thing to keep in mind in your opinion?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why “getting wrecked” can actually be a good thing for your life and career
  • What the theory of the Happiness Margin is
  • How to apply the Happiness Margin to your life


Good Joo Joo: http://goodjoojoo.net

IG: @shmalexhart, @goodjoojoo_


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