Lessons From a Bodybuilding Entrepreneur – Boost Your Health AND Productivity with Manu Edakara

In this episode I talk with Manu about fitness, business, and how to be successful balancing the two. Not only does Manu go into his personal experience with fitness and running his amazing business but he shares tips and tricks on keeping a balance lifestyle, staying successful, and combining fitness and entrepreneurship. We dive right into important lessons you can learn through fitness, taking advantage of the correlation of fitness and success, and Manu’s fantastic tips on being successful in the fitness entrepreneurship lifestyle.

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In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to combine Fitness and Entrepreneurship in your life
  • Why a lot of healthy / fit people end up being successful in other areas of their life
  • Tips for a BUSY individual who wants to also be healthy + fit
  • How to structure your days / weeks
  • How to stay organized and avoid burnout


Connect with Manu Edakara:

Instagram – @the.manu.script

Youtube – http://youtube.com/themanuscript

Email – medaka2@illinois.edu

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Web Page: http://avanimiriyala.com/020-bodybuilding-entrepreneur

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