5 Signs You Should Consider The Consulting Hustle

September marks the fourth month of my consulting hustle. I began consulting in May this year and went into it full-time in mid-June. And let me tell you, ever since my first day working for myself full-time, I’ve felt so right about this career move. There are so many of you out there right now that can (and should!)  be doing what I’m doing, so I’ve rounded up some of the telltale signs that you should seriously consider the consulting hustle.


Going out on my own has been thrilling and liberating.

Yes, it’s hard, but it’s so worth it.

It’s worth the late nights.

It’s worth the bad clients.

Honestly…. I think I found the cheat code to life.

I want to share that cheat code with you… (hint, hint: read on!)

You want to call the shots.

I don’t know about you, but I hate when people tell me what to do.

Doing busy work or being someone’s sidekick is not what I was put on this planet for. Granted, I needed to busy work for some time to learn the ropes, but as the years progressed, I felt like the time for that was done. Then why was I still feeling managed and directed? Well, I had a manager! (Side note: I’ve been blessed with amazing managers and bosses in my career. I’ve learned a great deal from them in the time we worked together.)

When you start your consulting hustle, it’s the same thing as launching your own business. You’re essentially going out on your own and you get to make it your own.

You are your own boss! You call the shots. You have the power.

That means you get to dictate the brand of your company, you get to dictate the experience your clients get, and you get to put the entire thing together how you want it.

You’re tired of asking for raises.

This was not the reason I went out on my own, but it definitely played a big role. I was providing value at the various companies I worked with as an in-house designer, but somehow I still felt that I wasn’t being paid my true value.

As my career progressed, I was thinking more and more about how the company could scale, how the company could add more value to their customers, and how the company could retain existing customers. These are big problems that almost any consumer-facing tech company faces and I was spending time thinking of solutions and experineces to solve these problems. These solutions saved the company money and time! However, I rarely saw this reflected in my salary and I would always have to go ask for more money if I wanted a raise.

I was sick and tired of playing that game.

I wanted to be the person to dictate my salary based on the value I was adding to the world.

I wanted to think about big problems and make the big bucks.

Today, as I’m running my consulting hustle, I get to give myself raises whenever I want. As I’m winning more clients and projects, I have the ability to get paid exactly what my work is worth. I get to size up the time and effort it will take me and then come back to the client with a number. I”m no longer limited or tied to a salary band; it’s so liberating!

You want to double your productivity.

Jumping into the consulting hustle full-time has been a blessing for my productivity. As soon as I started timing my work for each client, I became painfully aware of how much time I was wasting on distractions.

Yes, all those little “breaks” scrolling through Instagram really add up!

The simple fact that I am now aware of where my time is going allows me to say “no” more to distractions. Distractions when I was working in-house typically included a coworker stopping by my desk to say hi, pointless status meetings, or going on multiple Starbucks walks during the day.

When I started working on my consulting hustle, these distractions plummeted. Be warned, I do love a good distraction once in awhile, but overall, I want to be effective and productive during my business hours.

Today, because I’ve minimized my distractions and can work how (and when) I’m most productive, my individual output as quadrupled. Now that is empowering!

You want the #WorkFromAnywhere lifestyle.

If you’re like me, the idea of being constrained to one office is somewhat suffocating.

I had the hardest time sitting still when I was working as an in-house designer. I always seemed to need a change in scenery. There were also just some days that I didn’t want to leave my house and just wanted to work from my home… but I couldn’t.

All of that has now changed! Now, I get to choose a new office to work from every single day. I’ve opted not to get an office or coworking space for the time-being and usually work from home. However, when that gets to be too much, I venture out to coffee shops, restaurants, or find an outdoor perch. As a creative, this change in scenery helps unlock my ideas and feel a bit more refreshed.

The other benefit of running a consulting hustle, is that you don’t have to be in any one city anymore. With the internet, consultants can now #WorkFromAnywhere. That’s the beauty of the consulting hustle. In fact, as I write this, I’m in Chicago staying with some friends and spending the week working from one of my favorite cities. (For those of you who don’t know, I live in Austin, Texas!)

You’ve always wanted to learn how to run a business

Both my parents are business owners, and I grew up watching them build multiple businesses. I got to see first hand how they took control of their time and their lives by becoming entrepreneurs. Because of this, I knew from a young age, I wanted to run my own businesses. For the longest time, I thought being an entrepreneur would come later in my career.

But I was wrong.

When you’re running a consulting hustle, you’re an entrepreneur. You have a sales cycle, customers to take care of, accounting to deal with, and revenue goals to hit. You are running a full-fledged business! You’re being thrown into a whole slew of new challenges and business problems to address.

Though it’s not always easy, running a consulting business is extremely valuable as a learning experience. In the last 3 months alone, I’ve learned more running my consulting business than my last 1 year as an in-house designer.

And I’m learning more every day!

Do you recognize one (or more than one) of these signs in yourself? Are you itching for a new adventure in your career? Are you searching for your next big, impactful career move? Maybe the consulting hustle is something worth considering…

For the longest time, I wanted the live of a consultant, but never thought I could get it. I always thought the consulting hustle was just out of reach. Resources I read online made consulting seem complicated. After doing research and going through the process myself, I put together a cheatsheet with the 8 steps I took to make go full-time into my consulting hustle.

Curious to know more?

Download the cheatsheet here:


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