5 Ways Reframing Helped Me in 2019

2019 has come and gone, and while I was reflecting, I realized that some of the highlights for me had to do with reframing. As an NLP follower, we’re taught that events in life have no inherent meaning, it’s up to our brains to assign meaning to them. This means that we can change the meaning of almost every thing that happens to us.

In 2019, I had several events that could have been negative experiences, but I decided to reframe them to be more positive and to see what I gained from experiencing them. This was a powerful exercise and helped me get through 2019.

In this episode, I walk through some tips on reframing events in your life so that you can take those potentially negative situations and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I realized that reframing was so powerful, and being able to use it very deliberately in my life has given me the ability to move past things and take the most positive things away from my experiences, whether they were positive or not.”

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Avani’s three questions to ask when reframing a situation:

  • What is a different way I can look at this?
  • How it is working out in my favor?
  • What is the positive in this?

1. Tearing my MCL

Many of you already know this, but I tore my MCL January 1, 2019 while I was skiing. Tearing your MCL has a lot of unexpected consequences and keeps you out of a lot things that you might regularly do. I decided to reframe and look at all the benefits it brought me. I now love doing Pilates and spin, something I hadn’t been doing before. Now my workout is more diverse and holistic.

2. Client attraction income goals

I set a six-figure income goal for my client attraction method. I didn’t get anywhere close to it, but that doesn’t mean the situation was a loss. I asked myself “what did I gain from this?” I increased my email list quite significantly and two people who took my course hit the $10k/month goal. This is the best news I could have asked for.

3. Failing to win a client contract

If you write a lot of contracts, you will inevitably fail to get some. I made the decision to reframe this situation. If I don’t land a client, great, that client wasn’t a good fit for me anyway, and now that time and energy can be devoted to other clients.

4. Planning my wedding

There are a lot of decisions to make when planning a wedding and they can feel even more stressful if you’re also trying to build a business. I overcame the stress of planning my wedding by reframing the decisions and just deciding to be thankful that I would have a party to spend with my family and friends.

5. Forgetting my Tesla key card

I had to give my phone to my brother to get our Tesla back home. That means I had to spend four days without my phone. Instead of thinking “this sucks”, I reframed it as a surprise digital detox. It allowed me to fill my mind with white space and just get reacquainted with myself.


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