About Me (The Cliff Notes Version)

I'm a business coach for freelancers. My mission is to help freelancers who want MORE break free of the hamster-wheel so they can get more clients with ease and scale sustainable to 6-figures and beyond. I also host the 6-Figure Freelancer Podcast. I'd love to say hi to you + hang out over on Instagram.

My Story

After working for several years in the tech industry as a user experience designer, I had learned a LOT about product development, how to run a company, and UX design. I loved every second of it. 

But all of a sudden, I felt stuck.

As someone who always knew what my next move was, I suddenly felt paralyzed. I knew I had hit a place of stagnancy (I wasn't learning or growing...). I needed a change. It took a lot of soul-searching and courage, but in 2017, I made the leap to leave my (well-paying) full-time job and start a consulting business of my own.

Thus, Matcha Desgin Labs (MDL), formally known as AMSD was born. We are based out of Austin, TX, and work with early stage, consumer-facing tech companies and helps them in 3 main areas: building user empathy, poking holes in their existing product, and crafting brand new customer experiences from the ground up. To work with me, check out my work and drop a message!


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