Unlocking the Power of Affirmations + Future Pacing

Repeating affirmations and future pacing are tools I love to use. I practice them as part of my daily routine to help me stay focused, motivated, and confident. Future pacing is a technique used to help you envision your future, and repeating affirmations are your daily reminders to help you get there. These two exercises can be done independently, but I have found that they work harmoniously together.

Whether working alone or leading a team of people, it can get lonely, distracting and difficult navigating the waters of running a successful business. It is important to remind yourself regularly of your mission, your why, and what you need to do in order to get there. Building a routine of these practices might be challenging at first but I promise you, over time, it will get easier. The more you train your brain with positive affirmations and grand goals the better, and more enjoyable, your hustle will become.

In today’s episode, I walk you through the practice of future pacing and the do’s + dont’s for creating your own affirmations. This episode is great for everyone. It can be used to help you scale your business, get in shape, stay motivated, and help you live Beyond the Status Quo! Take care of yourself from the inside out, dream big, stay positive and great things will happen.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • What affirmations and future pacing are and how they are designed to help you
  • How to create your own affirmations
  • Techniques for future pacing
  • Why these exercises can help you in work and life

Head to the website to listen to the Unlocking the Power of Affirmations + Future Pacing episode or click “Listen Now” below!

Unlocking the Power of Affirmations + Future Pacing


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