Best Podcasts for Hustlers and Entrepreneurs

The 5 Best Podcasts for Hustlers + Entrepreneurs

Take your life, strategy, and #ConsultingHustle to the next level by hanging out with your inspirations via podcast

The law of averages says that we become the average of the top five people we spend the most time with. As a business owner, I want to make sure I’m spending time with successful entrepreneurs that are where I want to be in life. Unfortunately, we can’t always physically surround ourselves with the people who we want to be most like. That’s where technology comes in! In 2017, I’ve been “hanging out” with my business inspirations via podcasts. So… *drumroll please*… without further ado, here are the best podcasts for hustlers that should be on your “must-listen” list…

Best Podcasts for Hustlers and Entrepreneurs

Pursuit with Purpose

Hosted by the one and only Melyssa Griffin, the Pursuit with Purpose podcast is probably my all-time favorite. Melyssa is a whiz when it comes to marketing a blog online and turning it into a business that makes real money.

After a whole lot of hustling, Melyssa started a podcast to help dream-chasers around the world infuse purpose into their hustles. Melyssa interviews authors, entrepreneurs, and coaches to really understand the fire behind their work. She is a an amazing interviewer (one of the most skilled that I’ve heard) and she artfully pulls out the most useful nuggets from her accomplished guests. This is one of the main reasons Pursuit with Purpose has made it to my best podcasts for hustlers list.

If you haven’t heard her yet, please… stop reading now and subscribe to her Podcast. (P.S. Melyssa, if you’re reading this, I LOVE YOU! Okay, fangirl moment over.)

My Favorite Recent Episodes:

  • Episode 07: How Being Vulnerable Helped Her Grow a Diehard Audience of Over 100,000 People, with Alison Faulkner
  • Episode 11: How a Yoga Blogger Earned $70,000 During Her 2-Week Course Launch
  • Episode 20: A Millionaire’s Advice on How to Remove Your Money Mindset Blocks to Fully Live in Abundance and Wealth, with Chris Harder

Awesome with Alison

So, if you’re having a bad day and need a pick-me-up, or you just need to feel AWESOME about yourself, go listen to Awesome With Alison. She is an amazing, bubbly, beautiful, authentic ray of sunshine. I think she’s my spirit animal…

Alison and her husband Eric discuss various life topics on each episode of their podcast. They discuss tips for improving your relationships, flipping your negative self-talk, and believing a little bit more in yourself. They chat about their kids, their favorite books, their moments of frustration, and moments of joy. You WILL laugh out loud, cry a little, and probably scream at the top of your lungs (in a GOOD way) when you listen to Alison and Eric.

Awesome with Alison is on the best podcasts for hustlers list because she always leaves me feeling… awesome. I look forward to listening to Alison’s podcasts every week and you can bet they don’t stay in my “unplayed” queue for very long 😉

My Favorite Recent Episodes:

Goal Digger Podcast

Number 3 on the best podcasts for hustlers list is the Goal Digger podcast. Photographer turned course creator, Jenna Kutcher has one mission with her podcast: to bring you the best FREE content twice a week. She doesn’t even have any ads on her podcast! Jenna takes her learnings in life and business and packages them up in a neat little episodes with actionable tips on how we can live the lives we REALLY want to live.

Today, Jenna and her husband spend 2 months a year doing no work whatsoever and relaxing in their Hawaii home. They live a life that some only dream of. The best part of it all? Jenna truly believes that we can live that life too.

I love Jenna’s willingness to be open (and sometimes raw/vulnerable) with her audience. She doesn’t sugarcoat things and she is unapologetically herself. (You’ll notice this characteristic shows up a few times in this top podcasts for hustlers list!) In doing so, she has been able to touch my life and influence the way I run my business. I love hearing her advice, tips, and interviews.

My Favorite Recent Episodes:

  • Episode 94: Sharing The Hard Stuff: How To Do It and Why It Matters
  • Episode 101: The Lessons I’ve Learned from 100 Podcast Episodes
  • Episode 104: Everything You Need to Know About Finding Your Niche, with Lauryn Evarts (The Skinny Confidential)

Market Beautifully

I’ve been following (and “hanging out”) with Haley Burkhead, CEO of Market Beautifully for a few months now. And she is a lovely soul. What I love about her is how she’s so relatable and real with her audience. I feel like I’m actually hanging out with her when I’m listening to her podcast, watching her IG stories, or taking her courses.

Haley BREAKS it down. Market Beautifully is one of the best podcasts for hustlers because Haley generously shares all the secrets on her podcast. I walk away from every podcast episode feeling like a good friend of mine shared her secret sauce with me. I typically have a list of actionable steps to take after I listen to the Market Beautifully podcast. She talks about marketing tactics and business tips in great detail.

If you want someone who is going to say it how it is and not beat around the bush, ever. Go subscribe to Haley’s podcast. You’ll love her entrepreneurial fire!

My Favorite Recent Episodes:

  • Episode 38: 3 Step Formula to Explode Your Email List
  • Episode 44: Instagram Story Secrets that Increase Engagement
  • Episode 50: The Sales Secret That Changes Everything

Bucci Radio

Amanda Bucci hosts Bucci Radio, and I have been following her for some time but didn’t actually start listening to her podcast until about 1 month ago. I fell in love with her spunk and fire. She puts passion behind every single podcast episode without fail.

The thing I love most about Bucci Radio is that Amanda is fearless. Her attitude is contagious, which makes it one of the best podcasts for hustlers and entrepreneurs. Haley doesn’t hesitate to talk about taboo topics and speak her mind… even if her opinion is unpopular. Amanda brings on guests and also does solo episodes. She talks about things ranging from business and fitness to personal development.

My Favorite Recent Episodes:

  • Episode 64: Don’t Let Social Media Destroy You
  • Episode 65: Finding Your Calling in a Sea of People and a Universe of Unknowns, with Brian Patacca
  • Episode 66: From 6-Figure Debt to Self-Made Millionaire, with Angie Lee

(All of Amanda’s recent stuff is GREAT! That’s why I picked 3 episodes in a row so you can see the variety of her content!)

In 2017, I’ve grown a lot as a person and entrepreneur and a huge part of that is because I’ve been able to hang out with Melyssa, Alison and Eric, Jenna, Haley, and Amanda. These amazing people are giving away their ideas and content for FREE for all of us to listen to and learn from. So, why shouldn’t we take advantage of it? This list of the best podcasts for hustlers is a sampling of the amazing knowledge that’s out there waiting for you.

The easiest way I’ve been able to consume all of these podcasts is by setting myself a goal to listen to 2 podcasts every day. This way, I’m consistent in making sure that I’m “hanging out” with the right people and continuing my education as a business owner.

What are your best podcasts for hustlers? I’d love to give them a listen. Comment below with your suggestions!

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  • Hi Avani– just discovered your blog and really love what I’ve read. I seriously want to read every single one of your posts, so you’ve gained a new fan for sure! I’m just starting out and looking to learn from the best.

    I did want to let you know that there is a link in this post that isn’t working. The Market Beautifully podcast doesn’t seem to be active anymore- I think it’s been changed to CEO Vibes podcast? Just in case you want to update this post as I just found you through a pin on Pinterest today.

    Keep up the great content, excited to learn much more from you!