From Bummed Out + Busy to Productive + Profitable using the SOA Method with Haley Burkhead

In this episode, I chat with Haley Burkhead, founder of the Profit Planner Lounge. This lady is one of my favorite entrepreneurs and I have been wanting to bring her onto the podcast for so long! During our chat, Haley goes over how she stays motivated, how she structures her days even when she has a master project going on, how to avoid getting burnt out, and even shares some of her favorite tips and tricks for productivity. We also talk about the SOA method and how this method can make an impact on your life even if you don’t have a business.

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Question Highlights:

  • How do you stay motivated
  • How do you structure your weeks / days?
  • What are some time hacking tips you have?
  • Where does your drive + grit come from?
  • Tips to avoid feeling burnt out?
  • Can you tell us about your Productivity Transformation Story?
  • How does the SOA method look in action?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to take inspired action
  • Why taking care of yourself is important
  • Steps to take so you don’t get burnt out
  • How to apply the SOA method to your life and business


Haley’s Webinar:,

Instagram: @profitplanner


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