How to Work Less and Make More with Matt Baker

Matt Baker is a money strategist and business coach. He’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs solve their most challenging problems. And as a VP at Freshbooks, he helps millions of self-employed professionals grow their businesses and get paid faster.

Matt grew up in suburban Michigan around lots of industrial and manufacturing jobs. With this kind of work, the amount of money you can make correlates directly to the number of hours you work (overtime, etc.). This mindset was ingrained in Matt early on, as it is with many people.

But Matt realized that the same is true of entrepreneurship. Many people decide to go out on their own, because they want control over their careers and more freedom, but end up just as enslaved and overwhelmed as they were before. Matt believes the key to breaking out of that mindset is pricing your services effectively.

In this episode, Matt and I talk about value-based pricing, and how it can help break out of trading time for dollars. We also cover how to strategize and be more deliberate with your time. As well as how to be more productive with the time you have.

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“You almost never have to do something. You can tell yourself you’ve got to do it and that’s fine, but you can literally pick your destiny, so to speak, when you have the right mindset.”

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In this episode Matt talks about:

  • Why you should move away from hourly billing.
  • The unforeseen benefits of raising your prices.
  • Why the mindset of “the more you work, the more you make” persists today, and how it’s changing.
  • How to maximize the output of the hours you are working.

Main Takeaways

  • The best way to make more and work less is to move from hourly pricing to value-based pricing.
  • When you raise your prices, the people who are only interested in the bottom line might disappear. But you’ll be left with the clients who trust you and value the service you provide.
  • Set weekly or annual goals and then try to hold yourself to it. It helps you stay focused on the things you think are the most important.


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