How to Connect with Your Intuition for Your Life and Biz with Celia Yarwood

Today’s guest is Celia Yarwood. Celia is founder and designer at Blurred Pixel based in Tallinn, Estonia.

After decided to step away from the corporate world, Celia started her own online agency to offer branding and website design services. She previously worked for Addison Group, which is part of WPP, the leading advertising agency in the world. She has been designing for more than five years and doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon.

She loves getting in on the ground floor and working with entrepreneurs and companies who aren’t sure where to start with their brand or website, and then helping take that branding to the next level.

Celia’s experience and knowledge about how to connect to your intuition and deepest self, come from her own life. She lives every day infused with fun and happiness and has a deep sense of contentment — something she hopes to bring to every interaction with others.

“The small voice or instinct in your gut and heart that can offer guidance. And this can sometimes be gentle guidance or it can be coaching guidance. It all depends on what you’re being guided to.”

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In this episode Celia talks about:

  • What that inner voice really is and how to use it to your advantage.
  • How your ego can sabotage you, and ways to keep it in check.
  • Ways to listen to your intuition when it comes to freelancing and accomplishing your most important tasks.

Main Takeaways

  • Your inner voice is there for a reason. Train yourself to listen to it so you can reap the full benefits of its guidance.
  • Be careful of your ego. It covers up your inner voice and will often lead you to unhelpful or selfish solutions.
  • Batch the tasks that tend to drain your energy and that you find yourself resisting. Try getting them out of the way all at once so your intuition can better guide you throughout the day.


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