Debunk the Money Myths in Your Life with Shaylene Cameron

Today’s guest is Shaylene Cameron. Shaylene is a sales consultant for service-based entrepreneurs, helping them transform their limiting beliefs around success, and teaching them how to sell high-ticket services without feeling “salesy”.

Shaylene started in the health and wellness industry as a personal trainer, quickly moving into a management role. Over time, she hired 12 trainers and drove one million in sales. At that point, she envisioned climbing the corporate ladder in that space and moved across the country to pursue that path.

However, she quickly lost interest in the corporate world, so she jumped ship and started her own business. Not something she ever intended on doing – at least not so early in her life.

Today, she helps female entrepreneurs develop the mindset and habits necessary to have a high performing business without having to sacrifice who they are or what it is that they want. She’s passionate about helping others understand their limiting beliefs about themselves and money, and works to help her clients create an abundance mindset.

We talk about the limiting beliefs we have around money, and dive into some tips on how to throw out those beliefs and create a healthy relationship with money.

“Whether somebody is really wealthy or somebody doesn’t have a lot of wealth, we should be able to come to a place where we’re fairly neutral about how we feel about our finances.”

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In this episode Shaylene talks about:

  • Why our relationship with money is important.
  • How to change your limiting beliefs around money.
  • Recognizing toxic thought patterns and how to shift away from them.

Main Takeaways

  • As entrepreneurs, we don’t always have the benefit of a steady paycheck, so it’s important to satiate our fundamental need for security by understanding where our money comes from and how it works.
  • Write down your limiting belief, and then the opposite of that belief. Support both with three pieces of evidence and then rate them zero to 10. This will help you create new space in your mind for a positive attitude about money.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness. If you find yourself defining your worth by your earnings, check it and work to shift it toward a more abundant mindset.


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