Using Email to Connect with Your Audience + Grow Your Business with Case Kenny

Today’s guest is Case Kenny. Case is the founder of prsuit, a daily email newsletter dedicated to helping you become who you’re meant to be. He’s also turned it into a popular podcast.

Case lives in Chicago where he runs his email list of 213,000 readers. While his focus is on self-development, he’s also mastered the art of monetizing everything that goes along with it.

At his core, Case is a writer and creator, whether it’s through his podcast, newsletter, or products. He’s built his career on creating compelling writing. He started out writing a blog, and building an audience through social media. Eventually, he switched his focus to something he could control more than social media: an email list.

Through building his email list, he’s also learned how to communicate better to customers and build true connections with readers.

In this episode, Case give us some tips on how to use your email list properly, how to make money, and why it’s an important tool in your marketing toolbox.

“Create a product that certainly gives people value, but is also tool that has an appeal that they would like to share or at least be associated with it.”

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In this episode Case talks about:

  • Why email is the best way to connect with customers/clients.
  • What kind of voice and content you should use in you emails.
  • How to get started with a cold email list and how to figure out the strategy around monetizing it.

Main Takeaways

  • You own an email list, it’s not going anywhere and your communication can’t be hampered by third parties like Google’s SEO.
  • Approach your email list as a way to converse instead of announce. You will have better conversion rates because people view it as more personal.
  • If you have an email list you’re not using, send some emails to warm it up. Ask your readers what they want to see and strategize your content from there.
  • To connect with your audience, you need to be honest and real. People don’t want clones of big email marketing lists, they want content they can connect with.


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