Specializing as a Freelancer for Better Clients and Recurring Revenue

How to Find your Freelance Niche

My guest on the BSQ episode today is Jason Resnick, former 9-5 WordPress developer turned specialized freelance entrepreneur extraordinaire. We dive into the reasons why finding your freelance niche can increase your revenue, strengthen your relationships with clients and create a smoother funnel for recurring business.

As human beings, we have a natural need for safety and security. When our basic human needs are not met we enter an environment of exponential stress and we enter fight or flight mode. As freelancers, we feel the need to start fighting in order to make money and attract clients. We sometimes find ourselves over promising, overextending ourselves and under-appreciating our core value propositions. It is at times like these that we need to take a step back and reevaluate our situation. My goal for this episode is to help you shift from the ‘fight’ mindset towards investing your energy into specializing your freelance career. 

Jason has mastered the craft of niching down and now coaches freelance entrepreneurs in-person and on his podcast, Live in the Feast. We are so grateful to have Jason on the show today! Grab a pen and paper because he is about to drop some serious knowledge. 

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How to Find your Freelance Niche

In this episode you will learn:

  • Strategies for finding your freelance niche and methods for developing your specialty 
  • How to introduce your niche to your network and the price tag that comes along with it
  • Best practices for circumventing negative emotions attached to client and revenue ‘FOMO’
  • Tips for gracefully declining work that does not fall under your scope of work

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