Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

It’s finally here!! I’ve launched the very first episode of the Beyond the Status Quo podcast and I’m so excited to share this with all of you. I’ll be bringing new episodes to you twice a week via iTunes and Stitcher. Find “Beyond the Status Quo” on iTunes and subscribe! 🙂

This episode is all about getting comfortable being outside of your comfort zone… Enjoy!

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Episode Description

Taking chances, living life on the edge, not knowing where next month’s money is going to come from, and being spontaneous? NONE of this was for me 1 year ago. I was (and am) such a planner – I loved my little bubble of comfort. However, over the last 12 months, I’ve realized how important it is for spiritual, mental, and physical growth to step outside of your comfort zone and get uncomfortable.

In this episode, I chat about why getting uncomfortable can be so good for our life and your dreams. Let’s be real here, you are not “average.” You are meant for a life of greatness and it starts when you let yourself get uncomfortable.

I’ll cover what exactly getting uncomfortable can bring to your life, and how it can actually help you in many different ways. I will also be chatting about 4 simple ways that you can get uncomfortable to see positive results in your life.

PS – I’m so stoked that you’re finally getting to listen to the first episode of the Beyond the Status Quo podcast!!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The value of pushing your limits and living outside of your comfort zone
  • What getting uncomfortable does for you
  • 4 easy ways to start spending time outside of your comfort zone today


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