How to Give Clients Proof of the Transformation Your Services Provide

Today we’re talking about how to give clients proof of the transformation you are offering them. This is something that is a little tricky, and is one of the ways you can hurt a sale if you don’t get it right.

This was born out of a question I received through Instagram: “In a service based creative business, how can you provide guarantees that when working with us, we will do a good job to take our business and our clients’ business to another level?”

We’re going to cover four ways you can provide proof of your value, and some tips on exactly how you can communicate that value to your clients.

“As soon as someone feels comfortable, they trust you and they feel confident. That is when they’re going to say yes, that’s when they’re going to take out their wallet and throw the dollar bills at you.”

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In this episode Avani talks about:

  • Why giving your clients proof of transformation matters to your business.
  • How you actively deliver transformation to your clients through your business.
  • What parts of your transformation you can share with your client upfront to build trust and land the sale.

1. Provide social proof

Humans want to have their decisions affirmed. We want to look around and see that we’re doing the same things as other people. Creating case studies and showing off other brands you’ve worked with validates your transformation process in the eyes of the client you’re trying to land.

2. Prove expertise

Case studies and examples help with this, but showing your thought process proves that you are an expert. Showing that you have a methodology builds credibility and proves to your client that you’re actually an expert.

3. Prove you have a plan

Showing your clients the plan you have in place to implement their transformation removes the doubts they might have of working with you. Provide key pieces of your plan to them so they can see the legitimacy of it and how it will transform their business.

4. Give samples

Give them a small fix to a problem or an idea that will help show that they won’t need to hold your hand through the process. This will also give them a little taste of what its like to work with you or your company.

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