1 Hour Year-In-Review: Goal Setting, Gratitude, and Lessons Learned

So, the first week of the year is wrapping up quickly! Have you already set your intentions and finished goal setting for the year? Have you taken the time to reflect on how your previous year went? It’s not too late to do it – even if you’re just starting now! The best way to approach goal setting is a from a place of reflection and solidified intention. I’m going to walk you through the 4 step process that I’ve been following for over a decade that has helped me make notable progress and impact in my life every 365 days.

Getting Set Up for Goal Setting and the 1-Hour Year-In-Review

  • Location: Make sure you have a quiet space where you will be undisturbed during your review and goal setting process.
  • Time: The Year-In-Review and goal setting does not have to take a full day. On the contrary – you can do some super valuable goal setting in just one hour. But you’ll need that full hour. So, set the time aside and block it off in your calendar if you need to.
  • Tools: If you’re a pen and paper person, grab a notebook. I recommend keeping this notebook safely through the year so you can use the same one every year. If you are a digital nerd (like me!), open up a cloud document to start writing in. Save it in the same folder every year.
  • Comfort: I like to get comfortable and enjoy the process of reflection and goal setting! So get your favorite mug, fill it with hot cocoa or tea, light a candle, diffuse some essential oils! Let yourself build a ritual around this – it will make you appreciate it and value the goal setting process that much more!

Now that you’re all set up, let’s dive in! I’ll be outlining 4 very important steps that I go through every year. This process has proven to set me up beautifully for the year ahead. I can’t recommend it enough!

Step 1 | Gratitude List (20 Minutes)

To kick things off, even before we get to goal setting, it’s crucial to go over what we are grateful for. Being in the state of gratitude for a year-in-review really helps us know how lucky we are with the lives we live. It also helps us be open and ready for another full year of events, people, and experiences to be grateful for.

We all have something to be grateful for.

Yes, even you over there who just had the hardest year of your life. You have so much to be thankful for too 🙂

Take the time to write a long, full list of what you are grateful for in the last 1 year. (I challenge you to write 100 things down on your list!)  I like to write about people in my life, travel, events, accomplishments, big life events, celebrations, habits I created, and income milestones to name a few. This puts me in a state of joy and abundance; I know that the universe has provided for me and will do so again!

Step 2 | Learnings List (10 Minutes)

What did you learn in the last 1 year? We still haven’t gotten to the goal setting part, I know! But we are building up to it! The next important piece is making a list of what you learned in the last 1 year. You and I change every year. We gain new experiences and those shape us into slightly different beings every year. So let’s take not of those learnings and experiences and pay tribute to them!

This is a powerful exercise to see how far you have come in 1 year. It lets you know that you are capable of improving and growing again in the next 1 year. It puts you in the “I can!” mindset. Because, let’s be honest, you really can do anything.

As you’re making the list, be specific. Talk about the experience and what you took away from it. I would write down at least 10 items on this “Learnings List.”

Step 3 | Significant Events List (10 Minutes)

What are moments in the last 1 year that impacted you greatly? What were those moments that you felt the pivot or shift in your life? Did you have any moments like this? As we get ready for the goal setting part of the process, let’s be clear about the important moments in the last 1 year.

These moments will help you learn about yourself.

These moments will uncover your strengths and maybe even your weaknesses. They can also give you a few clues as to where to go next when you do the actual goal setting.

Each year we come across moments that change us. It’s important to feel the gravity of those moments and pick it apart. This can help give direction in the year to come. Challenge yourself to write down at least 5 significant events and write down why they were significant to you.

Step 4 | Goal Setting (20 Minutes)

Finally! Getting to the meat of things: goal setting!

To me, this is the preliminary goal setting process. I don’t always write down how I will achieve the goals (that’s a task for another time). But I will write down the goals that come to my mind and why those goals are so important to me.

This is how it works…

Write down at least 1 goal in each of these areas (no more than 3 goals per area): Health, Spiritual, Family, Relationships, Social, and Career. Spend time thinking carefully about these goals.

I recommend being specific about your goals too. Don’t just say “I want to lose weight,” but write down how many pounds you will drop and by which date you will drop them.

Remember, the mind is like a GPS. It needs specific directions (street name, house number…) to arrive at the desired destination! Your mind needs those clear and precise directions too. That’s the way your mind will start opening up to solutions and finding the “how” that brings your goals into reality.

A great set of guidelines to follow when goal setting is the SMART goal guidelines. These will help you make sure you are goal setting in a way that sets yourself up for success in the coming year!

Excited to kick of the new year and make your wildest dreams come true? I am! I know this is going to be your best year yet. I’ll be here cheering you on! Let me know what goals you’re setting this year by hitting reply or commenting below! Happy New Year!!

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