What to Do When You’re on the Hot Mess Express in Life / Biz

As is evident from my last episode, I’ve been a hot mess as of late. This has been true in both my business and my personal life. And that’s ok – it’s ok to be a hot mess every now and then.

In today’s episode, I talk about why it’s ok. I have been feeling a little frazzled lately and I wanted to share with you the tricks I use to get out of my hot mess and back on track to being me.

“I’m doing this for my future family. I’m doing this for my husband. I want to be a good example for these people that I love and am going to love so much. I’m doing this because I want to create a legacy and an asset and I want to grow this company into something that produces money and supports the lifestyle that I want to live.”

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In this episode Avani talks about:

  • Why she’s been feeling frazzled and frustrated lately.
  • How she got back on track and learned that it’s ok to feel like a hot mess sometimes.
  • What her “why” is, and why it’s so important.

Main Takeaways

  • Lean into the things that help you feel like you. This will help you center and get back on track.
  • Re-align your why. Ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing right now, and see if you’re still on track. If not, figure out why and aim for those objectives in your everyday life.
  • Zoom out and pause. Look at what you’re doing from above and see if you’re actually doing ok.


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