Creating Additional Income Streams on Top of Your Freelance Biz with Jason Resnick

I was recently talking to my friend Jason Resnick from Feast and I found the content of our conversation too important and helpful not to share with you all. This episode is pulled from our conversation and covers many topics that will help you in your own business. From how he started coaching, to how he thinks about advertising, and more.

Jason is a coach for freelancers and he runs his own development agency. He’s also created an amazing community called Feast. It’s a freelancers roadmap and community for you to niche down, specialize in your business, and build recurring revenue.

From group coaching to building products, Jason’s business has continued to evolve as the needs of his clients have changed. Many of the services and products he’s added to his business are a direct result of his customers and clients asking him for specific things.

One of his biggest challenges as a business owner and coach is managing group dynamics and working through realistic timelines for helping clients make significant strides in their work. Jason works through his challenges by continuing to test and adapt his methods, which is something we dig deeper into during this conversation.

Jason is still doing coaching and development in addition to his podcast called Live in the Feast in which he interviews other freelancers and influencers. He picks their brain about all sorts of topics and always has great insight into whatever the subject may be.

“You need to have organization methods and understand how to sell. Sales is not a joke and I think a lot of people in our industries are not comfortable with selling.”

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In this episode Jason talked about:

  • How he got started building “Feast”, and the questions people were asking that inspired him to start coaching.
  • How he gets his listeners or viewers to convert into full coaching clients.
  • His strategies and thoughts around advertising on digital platforms and how he runs his ads.

Main Takeaways

  • You have to dive in deep to someone’s business, and sit down with them in order to give them the right kind of advice and value.
  • Give people a little taste of what they can expect from you or your service so you know if they will be in for the long haul, or are just a quick buck.
  • If you’re going to coach someone, make sure you have a plan, a timeline, and clear expectations on what they will take away from it at the end.

Important Mentions

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