5 Ways to Listen to Your Clients to Make Them Love You Even More

What does it mean to really listen to our clients? Have you ever gone back to a client asking for more clarification or a seeking a better understanding of the project even though you’ve already had a meeting?

Here are fives strategies that I think will change the way you listen to your clients. They are effective, easy steps you can take to impress your clients right from the get go, and make your freelancing life a lot easier.

“Listen to them [your customers] in order to deliver better, higher quality work that actually moves the needle for them. And then, in turn, you.”

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1. Ask a lot of questions

Questions don’t make you look dumb, they make you look like you care, and that you want to deliver the best possible product you can. So, ask away, because you will need that information.

2. Take notes

Don’t assume your clients are writing things down. Take notes in every meeting and even send out action items afterward if needed. Taking notes is critical in making sure you’ve captured all possible, relevant information that was given during a meeting.

3. Repeat and paraphrase

A great way to show that you’re listening well is to repeat back in your own words what you hear your clients saying (a good way of asking questions as well). This shows them that you grasp the concept and you understand what you will be working on with them.

4. Don’t interrupt

Interrupting shows that you’re thinking about what you want to say and not what the client is saying. Wait for the right break in the conversation to make your point, but focus on listening!

5. Read between their words

Sometimes, even after implementing all your listening strategies, you need to look for what’s not being said. Connect the dots and dig a little deeper with your client so that you can get a full picture of their needs.


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