Top Mistakes Freelancers Make When Trying to Get Clients

People have been asking me a lot lately about mistakes freelancers make. So in this episode we talk about the top mistakes you might be making when trying to get clients.

As we all know, getting clients isn’t easy. It takes a lot of work. In this episode I identify the mistakes that I see freelancers making all the time when trying to get clients. Some are easy to fix, some are not.

If you’ve been struggling to land clients, give this episode a listen because it might just be the advice you’re looking for.

“Grab all the best practices from everyone. Implement and see what happens. See what the results are, see if it’s better or worse. Start to look at getting clients scientifically.”

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In this episode Avani talks about:

  • How you can connect to potential clients.
  • Why consistency is key in trying to land new clients.
  • How your communication to potential clients might be hurting you (or at least not helping).

1. Stopping outreach too soon

If you’ve been reaching out to clients with two messages a day, don’t stop. A lot of entrepreneurs stop too soon if they get radio silence back from a potential client. Keep on doing it because practice makes perfect and eventually it will stick.

2. Optimize your messaging

Reaching out is good, but it might not be good enough. You need to optimize. You might be sending messages offering something that your potential client doesn’t want. Go back, check your communications, and ask yourself (and others) if there’s a way you can optimize your messaging.

3. Communicate the transformation

I see too many freelancers not clearly communicating how they will help. You need to tell the potential client the vehicle, current state, process, and future state. That is: how you will get them there (vehicle), why they need it (current state), how you’ll do it (process), and what it will be like when you’re done (future state).

4. Have a buyer mentality, not a seller mentality

A seller will offer their services to anyone for a buck, and has a sense of desperation that people don’t like. A buyer will be discerning about which clients will be a good fit, which makes your clients respect and desire your services even more.

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