How to Cultivate Your Healthy Money Mindset + Prepare for the Wealth You Deserve

We all want to feel abundant, wealthy, and rewarded for the value we put out into the world. This means having a healthy money mindset. Unfortunately, with money, it’s often tough to feel like it’s flowing towards you and working in your favor – especially when you can barely make rent! I’m here to tell you that all of that can (and is about to) change. YOU were meant for a life full of wealth and prosperity. No matter what situation you are in right now, you can turn it around. It just takes a few small steps forward everyday to attract money with ease.

After some research, trial, and error, I’ve put together this 5-step guide for you to use as a launching pad into your journey to a healthier money mindset. Remember, tiny gains lead to massive change. Enjoy!

1 | Solidify Your Affirmations

Affirmations are crucial when it comes to a healthy money mindset. Whatever you’re telling yourself about your money situation right now is what your brain is receiving as instruction to implement. That means, if you’re saying “I’m broke” or “I have too many bills,” your brain is going to do what it takes to ensure your reality is as close to that is possible.

Let’s break it down. Your brain wants to be lazy. It wants to find the quickest way to get to where you want to go. Every thought you have and every word you speak is reinforcing a neural pathway in your brain. If your “I’m broke” neural pathway is large and strong, then the brain will only tune you into the information around you that take you to that reality of “I’m broke.”

But… let’s say you flipped it around. Maybe you started a new affirmation like, “I have plenty of money to pay my bills and take myself to nice dinners.” Now, because of your newly strengthened neural pathway, your brain is going to be open to the opportunities that show up around you to make enough of an income to pay your bills and take yourself to fancy dinners! Simple right?

My recommendation is to create positive affirmations around money or use some of my affirmations below for a healthy money mindset. Every morning, write these affirmations down in a notebook 10 times, say them aloud too… and watch your money mindset transform.

Example Affirmations:

  • “I have plenty of money and peace of mind.”
  • “Money flows to me effortlessly.”
  • “Awesome opportunities to make income and add value are constantly falling in to my lap.”

Affirmation for every time you spend money or swipe your credit card:

  • “There’s more where that came from.” (Say this or think it with a feeling gratitude! It’s one of my favorite affirmations!)

2 | Practice Giving Regularly

One of the best ways to create a healthy money mindset and signal to your mind that you are someone who is deserving of wealth is to practice giving. Giving to others lets your brain know that you are well off…in fact, you are doing well enough that you are able to be generous and give to others. Not only does giving feel good, but it also helps us practice what our lives would be like if we were wealthy.

Think about it, if you were doing well and making that 7-figure income you always dreamt of, wouldn’t you be giving all the time? Wouldn’t you be donating to your favorite charity? Wouldn’t you give that awesome waiter an extra $20 (even though the meal was $45)? YES!

So let’s get into that healthy money mindset right now and get our minds ready for the immense wealth that is about to come! I typically recommend setting aside 10% of your monthly income to give to others. I know that feels like a lot, but it is a must if you want to really practice a healthy money mindset. I recommend setting up an auto transfer in your bank account to send 10% to a “Giving” account every month. Then, use that account to give!

Here are some of my favorite (and easy) ways to give:

  • Surprise your friends with flowers or by paying for their dinner
  • Give the waiter or waitress a generous tip for great service
  • Tip your neighborhood coffee shop barista
  • Send a surprise note + card to your best friend in Chicago
  • Buy an extra sandwich for lunch and give it to the homeless

3 | Create Spending Guidelines

We all have to spend money to live. It’s party of the energy exchange cycle. Money is energy! So, when spending money, I highly recommend setting up some guardrails for yourself. These guardrails can be decision-making heuristics that stop you from being too impulsive when your budget can’t handle it. These guardrails will also help solidify your healthy money mindset.

The heuristics I follow are bellow:

  • Costs less than 2% of your monthly income = no need to think about it much, just purchase on the spot
  • Costs 2-10% of your monthly income = think about it for 24 hours before you purchase
  • Costs more than 10% of your monthly income = think about it for 2-3 days or more, make a pro/con list, ask a couple trusted friends or family members for input before you make your decision

4 | Practice Gratitude + the Abundance Mentality

Gratitude is magical and key to a healthy money mindset. It can change the way you think about your life. It also helps you feel so abundant in your life. It helps you feel like there is always more of the good coming your way. Gratitude and abundance mentality when it comes to money is vital. This is what makes or breaks your healthy money mindset.

You know those people that always seem to be making bank? Money just falls at their feet – constantly! This person has cultivated an abundance mentality when it comes to money. And you can be this person. The best place to start is with gratitude. Train your brain to realize how wealthy and abundant your life already is!

When you spend time being grateful for the things around you and the life you’ve provided yourself thus far, your brain starts to realize you’re already doing awesome in life. That you’re worthy of doing great and having a wealthy, comfortable life. This programming starts to take hold in your brain and the feeling of abundance within you will bloom.

My favorite gratitude practice happens in the morning. If you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it! When you wake up, before you jump into your day, take the time to write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Challenge yourself to think of new things every day. By doing this you are priming your mind for great abundance in your life and a healthy money mindset.

5 | Treat Yourself + Envision Your Future

One of my favorite things to do when I’m striving for the next financial goal, is to pretend I’m there already. If my goal was to make $100k in 2018, I would think to myself, what would I do once I made $100k? Well, maybe I would buy myself a nice Michael Kors purse. So, in order to feel the excitement and start acting like I’m making $100k, I might take a trip to the MK store and take a look at all the handbags there. I may even pick out which one I would buy. I might even treat myself to a nice matching Michael Kors wallet and feel the abundance and gratitude as if I already had $100,000 coming in this year… wasn’t that fun?! Now it’s your turn!

You can do this “treat yourself” exercise with just about anything. For example, I have a goal to make enough money to be able to travel first class all the time. So, if I wanted to give myself a taste of this life and luxury, I might select 1 flight this year and purchase a first class ticket. Then when I was on the plane, sitting in first class, I would pretend that I this was my 12th first class flight this year and I would let myself feel how good it felt.

That feeling is the secret sauce to creating a healthy money mindset. Your brain will remember that feeling and it will be what drives you and motivates you to perform at the next level and attract what you need to bring your goal into reality.

Phew! That was a lot but each and every one of these steps can be life-changing if you take it seriously and implement it in your world. You will start seeing your healthy money mindset take new shape and transform. Just by reading this, you are one step closer to a millionaire mindset… how cool is that!?

If you’re looking for more great resources on money mindset, take a look at Jen Sincero’s book, How to Be a Badass at Making Money. I found so many useful tips and frameworks here; I think you will to!


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