How to Outsource + Automate as a Freelancer

How to Outsource + Automate as a Freelancer

Today’s episode is centered around outsourcing projects and automating systems in order to save you time and energy. Running a freelance business has incredible perks – freedom, ownership, flexibility! But it also can be extremely overwhelming – organization, business development, invoicing! As you grow and develop your business more and more items start to pile on your plate. I have found that in order to run a successful freelance shop, you must  A) learn to trust others to help you and B) understand what your time is worth. If you continue running on all cylinders you can burn out and start hating your freelance experience.

I start by sharing with you my top recommended automation tools. These are typically free online resources that help you with administrative tasks such as calendar management (Calendly) and invoicing (Dubsado). These tasks are typically easy and simple but they take time and for a Freelancer, time is $$. The more time you save on the smaller tasks, the more energy you can put into the more important elements of growing your business.

Once you start mastering automation and your business continues to grow I highly recommend looking into outsourcing. Outsourcing comes with a price tag but the return on investment is unmeasurable! In this episode, I discuss my experiences outsourcing for the BSQ podcast as well as my finances. For both projects, I let the pros take the lead so that I can stay in my zone of genius. I created a team of trustworthy, reliable and supportive outsourcers that have helped take my business to the next level.

This episode is great for freelancers in the beginning stages of their career as well as intermediate. Outsourcing and automation will save you time, make you money and give you the freedom to love your business.

In today’s episode you will learn:

  • What are outsourcing and automation
  • How to know what projects should outsourcing and automation
  • Recommended tools for automation
  • How to outsource with confidence

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 How to Outsource + Automate as a Freelancer



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