Slow Down To Speed Up 1

Sometimes life gets a little crazy and we lose sight of the big picture. That’s why I am slowing down in January and February, so that I can speed up later on. I’ve had six months of consistently good income. I’m working on integrating a new team member, thinking about adding another team member, and working through my knee injury. I want to take this “break” to plan, strategize, and share my thoughts with you!

To help us get better at realizing when we need to take a break to regroup and recharge, I came up with an acronym called B.E.E.S., which stands for Breathe, Evaluate, Empathize, and Strategize.


Literally taking a big deep breathe feels great, so why not do the same thing mentally? You need to give your brain time to breathe. Make sure that you take a break! Recharge your batteries, go on a trip, sit around for a day, whatever it is make sure you don’t burn out.


After you take a breather (or while you’re doing it) take stock of the things around you. Make sure you look closely at what’s going well, what’s not going so well, what can go better, what you need to start (or stop), etc. Detach your emotions from this process so you can look at it clearly. This will really help with focusing your vision and achieving what you want.


Empathize with yourself. Recognize that you’re only human and that you can’t do everything. Acknowledge the great job you’ve been doing. Try to look at yourself from a higher level and acknowledge all the accomplishments you’ve made.


Now is the time to get tough! Sit down and come up with a plan for how you want to move forward and the obstacles standing in your way. Based on your evaluation stage, figure out what you’re going to change, start, or accomplish. I recommend starting with a 90-day plan so that you can flesh out the details.

“You can make miracles happen. You can turn things around. It’s amazing what we can do with a little bit of a plan and daily persistent action.”

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Main Takeaways

  • When you need to slow down, remember the B.E.E.S acronym: Breathe, Evaluate, Empathize, and Strategize.
  • Detach your emotions from evaluating yourself. Stay focused on what’s going well and what you can do better.
  • Be kind to yourself!
  • Use a 90-day plan to keep your goals moving forward.


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